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Another big project has been completed on the East route of china-Russia natural gas pipeline
Chinas state pipeline Network group has completed a directional drilling project to cross the Huang He river from Yongqing to Shanghai, paving the way to complete the southern section of the China-Russia eastern route, media reported on Tuesday.
Futhermore, the "directional drilling across the Yellow River" project will also ensure that areas along the China-Russia eastern route can apply cleaner energy, Which highly promoted energy conservation and emission reduction in regions along the route and promoted Chinas energy-consuming transformation. 
The total length of the project is 4353.5 meters, which is a big project with significant difficulty. However,  The whole project only took about 120 days to complete, set a record of the fastest completion of all crossing projects on the Eastern gas transmssion Route between China and Russia.
The China-Russia eastern natural gas pipeline is very important for China and Russia because it is currently the only "gas route" for Russian gas to be transferred to China, the completion of this pipeline can give China more energy security, and China can achieve energy import diversification. According to statistics, from January to September this year, China imported 7.1 billion cubic meters of natural gas from Russia through the China-Russia eastern gas transmission pipeline.
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