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Israel and Egypt are planning to build new gas pipelines to increase energy supplies to Europe

With Europe in the deep water of energy crisis and a continuing imbalance between supply and demand, natural gas prices keep breaking record highs. Israel and Egypt are planning to build new gas pipelines to increase supplies for the coming years, and Europe will be benefiting from it as well.

Israels energy Ministry spoke on Thursday,  it is in discussion with Egypt to build a new onshore pipeline to boost Israels natural gas exports to the neighboring country, according to media reports .

 Israel would build the pipeline in the Sinai Peninsula to bring gas to the Egyptian border. Operated by State-owned Israel Natural Gas Lines, the pipeline is expected to cost about $200 million and will be affective within two years. Once the new pipeline will be putting into effect, Israels gas supply to Egypt will increase by 3 to 5 billion cubic meters per year.

Israels energy ministry said in a statement :" we are in the process of communicating with Egypt on potential cooperation in the supply of gas after Egypt offered to provide more gas. One of the options is to build an onshore gas pipeline.

Back in 2009, Israel dug out a huge resource of gas in the Mediterranean. Israel began to export gas supplies to Egypt last year through an underwater pipeline. Some of the gas is then refined and sent to Europe, where the new pipeline could increase the gas supplies  in the upcoming years.

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