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The Essence of FUGE Dewaxing Autoclave Boiler

The Essence of  FUGE Dewaxing Autoclave Boiler


Investment casting is high-end in the casting industry. FUGE Dewaxing autoclave boiler is an indispensable part in this filed . Qinhuangdao Fuge Science and Technology Co., Ltd. adhering to the principle of energy conservation, environmental protection and efficient production, leading the level of investment casting machine in the international market.

"FUGE" dewaxing autoclave boiler has great advantages in the field of investment casting.



Fast update:  Uninterrupted update to the leading level within 20 years . Dewaxing Autoclave range is 800mm-2000mm  

Fast speed :

It has double layer vessel and takes short time for pressure balance, time for balancing the pressure is less than 5s (at the pressure of 0.7 Mpa)

The shells entry and exit automatically, it is easy to operate and save time and effort. Entry and exit time ≤4 minutes.

It features with auto door and auto water feeding to ensure personnel safety and improving production efficiency.

All kinds of error alarm are clear at a glance.

Fast maintenance : The Dewaxing autoclave adopts Siemens PLC programmable controller . Remote monitoring system facilitates the diagnosis and maintenance of the autoclave . 


Pay close attention to the qualityFUGE employees focus on quality,mainly embodied in drawing , audit- cutting -,assembly ,trial and complete.  Each machine  will be repeatedly tested and reviewed in accordance with the technical agreement.

Pay close attention to the after-sales service: FUGE promises that we will respond to problems within 72 hours and actively cooperate to solve the problem. No matter whether your machine is under warranty or not, no matter how many years your machine has been used, no matter whether it is caused by human or non-human factors.


Market Positioning standard Energy conservation and environmental protection are the theme of this era. FUGE Dewaxing Autoclave equipped with new thermal insulation materials with the features of low heat conductivity coefficient, good adiabaticity to reduce fuel consumption. The surface temperature inside the autoclave is keeping above 150to reduce distilled water in the wax and inside the autoclave. The customer can choose heat recovery unit to increase energy recycling efficiency. This is energy-saving equipment. Low carbon energy saving,keep pace with the times.

International standard :FUGE only manufacture High-end equipment . We become the pride of domestic investment casting equipment manufacturer with original intention more that 20 years . FUGE has been participating in various exhibitions and technical forums, learning from each other and never stopping.

Machine standardFUGE will try our best to meet all customers requirements . Machines are accurate in every aspect, such as appearance ,details and the dewaxed shell quality . 

Honesty achievements FUGE, quality is the business card of FUGE.

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