Qinhuangdao Fuge Science & Technology Co., Ltd.Qinhuangdao Fuge Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

About us:

     Qinhuangdao Fuge Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of hose & expansion joint machines and investment casting machines. We are a team with 4 mechinacal engineers, 3 electrical engineers, 2 hydraulic engineers. Their experienced skill and rigorous attitude allow every detail to be clued and stablize the machine performance. We focus on developping and modifying better machines, such as vaccuum precision casting furnace and multiply ellipse bellow forming machine.   

    Our bellow & hose forming machines include automatic bellow forming machine(salver rotating system patent ZL201110162588.7, and forming device ZL201120137261.X), multiply and singleply rectangular and ellipse bellow forming machine, tube expander, mechanical hose forming machine DN6-50mm, tube mill and other corresponding machines for bellow fabrication and assembly. Our machines are sold to dozens of countries and serviced more than one hundred factories around the world. 

    The investment casting production line includes pressure ceramic core leaching autoclave, dewaxing autoclave boiler, ceramic core injection machine and wax injection equipment, etc. They are highly prized by the leading research institutions and turbine blade manufacturers. 

    In the past 15 years, FUGE has been dedicated to deliver automation, precision and efficiency to our customers. We will keep innovation and make more process in the future

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Qinhuangdao Fuge Science & Technology Co., Ltd.


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