About us:

FUGE is a world leading machine manufacturer, focusing on the investment casting machine and bellow expansion joint forming machine & hose forming machine.

The bellow & hose forming machine includes automatic bellow forming machine, rectangular corner bellow bending machine, tube expander, continuous hose forming machine, tube mill and more than 10 kinds of expansion joint forming machines for fabrication and assembly.  We have sold our machines to dozens of countries and serviced more than one hundred of factories.

The investment casting production line includes core leaching autoclave, dewaxing autoclave, ceramic core injector and many others. They are sent to many research institutions and military factories, widely used in the aerospace area.

In our past career, our machine is widely used and accepted by features of high production, stability, automation and easy operation. We persist on improvement and innovation in the future, stick to our intention of fabricating world leading machines

FUGE  from  China  to  the  world
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Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province,